Personal project
Service → Experience Design 
Duration → 6 months
Team members → 10

Exhibitions can be described as immersive experiences where curators and gallerists help the artist generate an ephemeral environment. Their goal is to increase curiosity towards a specific subject, empowering reflection and englightenement. However, only carefully designed experiences last in the attendees memory.

By entering a space where artworks are exhibited, walls become the designated attraction. Furthermore, depending from the culture, the way we move around these walls varies. Europeans follow the first wall at their right, in order to find guidance; attendees from the Middle East do the opposite and Japanese people decide to start by going at the centre of the space to enjoy an initial bigger picture.

No matter where the attendee starts, there’s no physical rest until the end of the show, the last wall.

1 | The Challenge
How might we design an exhibition placing time, the attendees and the artworks in the centre of the experience by exploring new supports and innovative ways of navigating the space?
2 | Insights
→ The only position in which the human body is full rested is while laying on the back with knees bend.
→ The supports of an exhibition can become the storytelling of the show and provide a coherent narrative with multidisciplinary art-pieces.
3 | The Show
RestArt – 24h to refresh the perception of local art. An art festival where everything is upside down, and the art works are hanged from the ceiling.
With the help of a wireframe infrastructure, Nau Ivanow, the venue of the experience, developed functional ceilings which could host the multidisciplinary artworks showcased. From paintings and photography to sculptures and architectonic models produced by local artists (Barcelona).
The rough wearhouse’s floors where covered in soft mattresses where the attendee was invited to lay down and rest, while interacting with the art piece hanging above their body.
Through this capsule attendees discovered new approaches of experiencing art; artists were challenged to develop art-works for new perspectives and the production team optimised efficiently their processes to deliver this show in less than 24h.











Featured artists

Chamo San Paula Bonet Guim Tió Ester Ferruz Mil Vietnams  Carme Roca BAAS Arquitectura Vora Arquitectura Andrea Allen Olga de la Iglesia Julieta Averbuj Daniel Molina

Branding Olga de la Iglesia
Graphic Design Rúben Santos
Media Production Julieta Averbuj & Iara Bouhid