Agile Onboarding

Client → 8fit
Service → Onboarding Experience Design
Duration → 3 months
Team members → 3
→ [learn]: benchmarking
→ [look]: fly on the wall
→ [ask]: interviews with experienced users
→ [try]: iterative prototyping

8fit app offers customised meal plans, HIIT tailored workout routines through a coached experience guided by trainers and nutritionists. During the past 3 years the company acquired more than 18 million users and as the number increased so did their team switching from an initial count of 4 members to the current 80.
The fast growth and the elevated number of new hires the team was welcoming every week demanded a strategically designed onboarding experience in order to reduce discomfort, uncertainty and offer a healthy start.
1 |The Challenge
How might we create an efficient onboarding experience for new hires and the welcoming team through a lean process and communicating 8fit’s main value: transparency?
And secondly, which is the best medium or technology that can be implemented and easily scalable?
2 | Insights
→ Communicating the schedule of the first day empowered new hires to navigate their first tasks with confidence.
→ Technical difficulties [software or hardware set-up related] were reducing the satisfaction rating perceived after their first day.
→ Hires that had previously had several interviews with different members of our team or were invited to team events prior to their starting date were perceiving less social anxiety, during their first week, and easily developed close bounds with other team members.
3 | The Board
This final board guides all users through the first operation tasks they need to perform. Furthermore, invites them to a first close contact with the product and the team. Additionally, after conducting the interview sessions we decided to always set-up the hardware and software needs before the corresponding starting date.
This Trello board is strictly focused on the HR efforts required to welcome a new 8fiter. For this reason the tasks don’t extend to a monthly period. Nonetheless, throughout all the feedback sessions run I learned how much it was appreciated to have a disclosed overview of the schedule and the tasks planned for the first day – reducing uncertainty and offering a stable ground in which to start growing.