Client → Cpb-lab
Role → Product Management
Duration → 7 months
Team members → 5

Creative Personal Branding is an experience-based learning and coaching model developed by Jürgen Salenbacher.
The model, which takes personality as its starting point, focusses on four qualities which are key in the creative economy today: substance, style, conviction and grace.

Salenbacher coaches creatives minds, entrepreneurs and teams how to foster those four qualities, and how to combine design and brand thinking with personal development.

1 | The Challenge
How might we reshape the content of the Creative Personal Branding book into a digital toolbox which enables constant reflection?
2 | Insights
→ Interactive pdf workbooks are not easily editable from all devices. In fact, its edition from an iPhone requires specific pdf or Adobe app downloads which will downgrade the experience delivered.
→ In case of developing an app its UX will be the storyteller of the methodology. 
→ Salenbacher recommends reflecting upon the answers given in each chapter with periodicity, therefore, the final product must enable exporting and saving different versions of given inputs. 
3 | The CPB app
The CPB app introduces users to Salenbacher’s methodology by providing: intros, capsular content of each chapter; insights, valuable key points to take into account; reflective exercises, which can be constantly edited and exported and finally, disseminative content.
Through this solution the completed workbook becomes the final product of the experience and not the starting point.

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Lead Designer Simon Hüsler | Lead Developer Pedro Piñera | Editor Vicky Hayward